Lassor Feasley

CampFire Flame


Powered by Arduino

CampFire Flame is an Arduino controlled music visualization device. It fits inside the sound hole of any guitar and ‘listens’ to you play. In real time, CampFire Flame will simulate a fire, complete with sparks and flickers directly responsive to the volume, pitch, and tone of your music. 


A New Nostalgia

Have you ever listened to a musician play guitar near a campfire? Something about the flickering lights and shadows creates a mysterious romantic ambiance that’s become an icon of americana. Sadly, most of us spend our lives in the cities, and rarely have a chance to experience a fireside serenade… Until now.

campfire flame.png

Bold New Colors

CampFire Flame comes in a variety of woods and finishes, to match every guitar type, genre, and style. Whether you are raging against the machine or serenading the one you love, CampFire Flame has got you covered.


Open Source, For Everybody

Anyone can make CampFire Flame. The schematics, code, STL CAD files, and links to supplies are all available on Instructables. CampFire Flame was created through the innovative use of common prototyping methods, all on free software like Sketch-up and Arduino Processing. The code is easy to manipulate to make new and improved light patterns, interactions, and experiences.


Process Shots: