Lassor Feasley

3D Printing + Form


Ghost Bowl

Using CAD and 3D printing, I designed and manufactured a bowl which appears to stand on thin air. I borrowed the structure from Islamic tiling patterns and used sketch-up plugins to achieve the form. It is the latest in a series of studies I’ve made applying geometrical concepts like symmetry, tiling, and weaving to 3D objects. 



Study in Spheres is a series of several metal objects I designed and 3D printed. I used designs and patterns borrowed from the old Japanese Temari discipline, using geodesic forms and weaving to create novel and interesting objects.



I recently printed a collection of chains, beads, pendants, and rings. The chains have a lightweight yet durable tension which distinguishes them from the traditional single loop design. The rings were inspired by brass knuckles, and have a weight and aura which is subtle yet present.

Chains are of particular interest in the 3D printing medium because it is possible to create new and exciting interlocking pieces once impossible or very difficult to combine. As I develop technically in CAD and design, I hope I can continue to build on these experimental projects.



I used CAD and 3D printing to design a super thin, sliding lens cover which adhered to any laptop. It was opaque so that users who started using the camera would see an obscured image if they forgot to slide the cover out of the way, rather than just black (which sometimes caused them to think their camera was broken). It also matched the curves and contours of many popular laptops.

Over time, I tried to let the market guide me. I developed a brand and logo, adjusted price, used ROI optimized adwords marketing, and A/B tested messages. I distributed the cover on business cards, so that the URL could be easily remembered for future devices. Over the course of a summer, I sold several hundred units before shelving the project.