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1,500,000 Views in Six Months

Quora is a Q&A and blogging platform where writers can share knowledge and interact with readers. Out of college, I was worried about falling out of practice writing. I wanted a way to continue to write essays in a disciplined and useful way.

I have answered over 150 questions, each attracting an average audience of about 7,000, reaching over 1,000,000 viewers in my first six months of use. I write on topics ranging from to business strategy and media to creativity and design. I also keep a blog about the rhetoric shaping the relationship between Silicon Valley and Washington called Wordfare.

Much of my writing is informed by a slightly embarrassing obsession with the creative, management, and business sensibilities of Apple and Steve Jobs (which also happen to be very popular topics on Quora). My study of these topics inspired my interest in marketing, strategy, and design.

Quora offers me a way to solidify, form, and record ideas and to expose them to the comments and criticism of the thoughtful community who tend to use it.


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