Lassor Feasley


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MFA Candidate SVA Products of Design

Products of Design at SVA is a graduate MFA program in New York, with an emphasis on systems thinking, human centered design, sustainability, and business design as well as traditional prototyping, industrial design, and graphic design practices. In addition, I am learning the conventions and frameworks of business applied design, digital fabrication, digital electronics prototyping, experience design, and more.

Expected May 2018

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Brandeis University

Brandeis is a Research University with a liberal arts focus located in the Boston region. I explored academic and creative disciplines, majoring in History and Film with minors in business and law. My undergraduate honors thesis, Wired America, won high honors and used historical sources to compare 20th century electrification the the information age.

I graduated from Brandeis University in 2014.




Summer Design Associate

Summer 2017

New York, NY


Prehype is a Venture Capital and Venture Consulting firm based in Manhattan. It is known for incubating BarkBox, Managed by Q, and dozens of other successful brand concepts. I primarily worked with early stage start-ups; helping to track and manage key metrics to drive engagement with several of Prehype's nascent brands. In addition, I collaboratively developed graphic identities and lent my experience in industrial design to push forward product ideas.

I also provided graphic assets for several active brands and created a comprehensive redesign of Prehype's slide deck template, which is used across their consulting practice. 



Business Development

February 2015 to June 2016

New York, NY


ModernMD is a start-up chain of Urgent Care centers located throughout medically underserved neighborhoods in Brooklyn. I worked with ModernMD from its drawing board stages and helped manage its first five successful clinic openings. I worked closely with a small administrative team to prepare demographic studies, board presentations, and growth strategies. I also scouted new locations, monitored construction, and managed bidding and procurement processes for several vendors. 


Constituent Intern

Fall 2011

Washington, DC


Before my first semester at Brandeis, I spent several months working with my congressman, Jerrold Nadler, on Capitol Hill. My role there was primarily administrative; I attended various hearings around the Capitol campus on behalf of the congressman and used what I learned to help write letters in response to constituent comments and requests. I was also responsible for filling, reception, telephone, and other office duties. By the end of my internship, I was familiar enough with the Capitol complex to give guided tours to office visitors.



Summer 2011

New York, NY


Blue Wolf Capital is a private equity firm in New York City specializing in opportunities in middle market companies. There, I was able to develop a range of new skills, like using a Bloomberg Terminal, reading and understanding SEC disclosures of public companies, and building an excellent working knowledge of investing terms and concepts. I was also able to help the staff gather and interpret information. In one instance, I analyzed data on every hospital in Texas to help evaluate their eligibility for and utilization of various public subsidies. This helped to inform an investment in PSG, a health-care IT company that helps providers take advantage of state health programs.