Lassor Feasley





MFA Candidate SVA Products of Design

Products of Design at SVA is a graduate MFA program in New York. With an emphasis on systems thinking and human centered business design, the department is a perfect fit for my skills an interests. Prior to my work here, I helped administer a start-up medical business bringing high quality urgent care to underserved regions of Brooklyn. At PoD, I am building on the entrepreneurial ethic I learned there. In addition, I am learning the conventions and frameworks of business applied design, digital fabrication, digital electronics prototyping, and more.


Brandeis University

Brandeis is a research University with a liberal arts focus twenty miles outside of Boston. At Brandeis, I explored several of my interests, like business, law, history, and film, as reflected by the wide range of my four Majors and Minors. I combined these interests to write an honors thesis, Wired America, which used multiple historical sources to analyze comparisons between 20th century electrification and the information age.

I graduated from Brandeis University after attending for three years, completing my final semester in the Fall of 2014.




Business Development

February 2015 to June 2016

New York, NY


ModernMD is a start-up chain of Urgent Care centers located throughout medically underserved neighborhoods in Brooklyn. I worked closely with a small administrative team to prepare demographic studies, board presentations, and growth strategies. I also scouted new locations, monitoedr construction, and managed bidding and procurement processes for several vendors. ModernMD has funding from my former employer, Blue Wolf Capital.


Development Intern

Summer 2013

New York, NY


Indian Paintbrush is a production company, known best for its affiliation with the films of Wes Anderson, and lots of other work I deeply admire. My role there was to read spec scripts (scripts written without a buyer) and book manuscripts, then evaluate their compatibility with the company's talent, focus, and resources.


Constituent Intern

Fall 2011

Washington, DC


Before my first semester at Brandeis, I spent several months working with my congressman, Jerrold Nadler, on Capitol Hill. My role there was primarily administrative; I attended various hearings around the Capitol campus on behalf of the congressman and used what I learned to help write letters in response to constituent comments and requests. I was also responsible for filling, reception, telephone, and other office duties. By the end of my internship, I was familiar enough with the Capitol complex to give guided tours to office visitors.



Summer 2011

New York, NY


Blue Wolf Capital is a private equity firm in New York City specializing in opportunities in middle market companies. There, I was able to develop a range of new skills, like using a Bloomberg Terminal, reading and understanding SEC disclosures of public companies, and building an excellent working knowledge of investing terms and concepts. I was also able to help the staff gather and interpret information. In one instance, I analyzed data on every hospital in Texas to help evaluate their eligibility for and utilization of various public subsidies. This helped to inform an investment in PSG, a health-care IT company that helps providers take advantage of state health programs.