Lassor Feasley

Rorschach Express

The Box.png


Rorschach Express is a psychological wellness platform. Through a journaling app, it uses artificial intelligence to 'Match' users with similar life challenges and give them a safe place to commiserate and advise one another.

When commiseration is not enough, Rorschach Express is a curated monthly subscription service that sends curated products right to the user's door. Taking cues from popular care package delivery programs like Birchbox, Rorschach Express customizes each care package based on the user's interaction on the app.

Express is delivered in a unique triangular box.


Journal, Match, and Express

Above, a user journals his grievances. Rorschach AI responds and nurtures him with quick feed back. Soon, the user is 'Matched' and set up with a similar user. Their conversation continues to be mediated by Rorschach, a type of guided therapeutic discussion. Finally, Rorschach offers 'Express', curated product care packages based on your online activity.


A Product for Everything

Contained in the box are products designed to alleviate life challenges gleaned in the Rorschach app. Here, meditation balls have been provided to ease stress, a flower to heal a broken relationship, and a motivational book to jumpstart the users stalled career.


New MArkets

Sigmund Freud is Rorschach's honorary marketing mascot. Rorschach will require a diverse user base, so marketing will be key. To the left, two perspective users are put in touch with Rorschach Match. On the right, a user enjoys personal therapy on the go, with Rorschach AI.