Lassor Feasley

Undergraduate Thesis


Wired America:

The Social, Economic, and Legal Parallels Between the Electrical Revolution and the Information Age

The adoption of electricity and of the internet turned out to have more in common than you would think. Both introduced often self-contradictory social dilemmas, catalyzing divisive economic and political rifts, while simultaneously heralding a more inclusive society.

The paper was delivered in the Winter of 2014. I coded the HTML & CSS website in the Summer of 2017.

The thesis touched on changes in American life that ranged from the way products are developed and marketed to the way urban landscapes are formed. I drew upon sources ranging from films and comic strips to legal documents and economic analysis to substantiate my arguments.

I hoped that in writing it, I would find precedents and parallels on how Americans handled technological development in the past, so that we might be better equipped to face it in the future.

The 180 page paper was well received and was awarded High Honors. In addition to the custom designed digital version, access the PDF text with citations here.