A revolutionary new model of pro-sports.

Until now, elite athletes in underrepresented sports did not have a sustainable way to play in the U.S. In Athletes unique model, ephemeral teams are drafted by MVPs and players are ranked on personal performance, fantasy sports style. At the end of each season, only one player is crowned Athletes Unlimited Champion.

Athletes Unlimited Brand Identity
Lassor created a brand identity for the innovative sports league Athletes Unlimited. He helped Athletes land network partners like ESPN and CBS Sports, sponsors like Geico and Nike, and a roster of olympic level athletes for their inaugural broadcast in 2020.
Design Research
Graphic Design
web design
Brand Voice
User Research:
Lassor synthesized polling data commissioned by Athletes Unlimited into personas. This research validated some expectations, and challenged others. The use of personas allowed us to better grasp and apply statistical research across the implementation of the Athletes Unlimited brand.
The Athletes Unlimited brand is flexible enough for in-stadium design, social media, and broadcast.
Athletes Unlimited has already attracted world class broadcast networks, sponsors, athletes, and celebrity endorsers.

Lassor has worked with Athletes Unlimited almost from the very beginning. At OneOne Creative, Lassor contributed to the naming of the company and the creation of a sophisticated graphic identity. He helped design and commission a national consumer survey, which was used to hone the brand and attract partners. Lassor created presentations to pitch to sponsors like Nike, Geico, and Carvana, networks like ESPN and CBS Sports, and leading Olympic athletes.

Athletes Unlimited's first season was softball, which completed a successful six-week season in August 2020. Lassor & OneOne Creative contributed strategic advice to ensure that the web, television, in-stadium, and social media teams work in creative tandem and used the Athletes Unlimited brand with discipline.

Season one softball was a remarkable success and proof of consept for the league. A second season of softball was ordered and volleyball is slated to launch in early 2021.

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