What does mobility mean to you?

The Rapid Ideation Lab was a co-creation workshop designed to generate insights on how users from different backgrounds engage with mobility. Participants were asked to design use-specific autonomous cars using a prompt card which included a space to sketch plans, as well as a ‘designer’s log’, where choices could be contextualized. Once the participants completed their design’s, they were given tools to build a prototype. Through the process, Lassor interviewed the participants to better understand how transportation shaped their lives.

Rapid Ideation Lab
The Rapid Ideation Lab was a co-creation workshop that Lassor staged to help develop user insights on the future of urban mobility.
Design Research
Digital Fabrication
Graphic Design
User Research:
By asking workshop participants to engage in a blue sky creative process, Lassor synthesized valuable insights on how a wide variety of users accessed transportation and how that shaped their lives. Because the Rapid Ideation Lab asked users generate ideas through play using colorful arts and crafts materials, many participants were reminded how parents use access to transportation to influence and control their children. This became a theme in the insights generated by the lab.
The lab generated collateral ‘spec sheets’ which captured the creative intent behind each vehicle.
By playing out their automotive fantasies, user groups exposed their hidden fears and aspirations around mobility.

The Rapid Ideation Lab resulted in dozens of proposed design interventions, which would inspire Lassor for the remainder of his research. Some of the results were practical innovations that could be used to inform actual product development. Other results were more speculative and gestured at the participant’s subjective relationship to mobility.

Rapid Ideation Lab

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