Say hello to the Autonomous Voice Assistant

AVA was an artificially intelligent digital persona that inhabited an autonomous vehicle. Lassor staged an unveiling of AVA in which participants were invited to have a brief conversation about the future of mobility with her.

Say Hello to AVA
Say Hello to AVA was a branded experience Lassor used to collect substantive research on public attitudes and opinions about self-driving cars.
Digital Fabrication
Experience Design
Graphic Design
Voice UI
Design Research
User Research:
While AVA presented as the launch of a new start-up to users, the project was actually a covert vehicle to collect qualitative research.
An improvisational actress used a loose script to simulate a real-time voice user interface conversation.
Lassor designed a digital interactive steering wheel that gave 'AVA' control of the car.

In reality, AVA was not actually an intelligent digital platform. Lassor hid an iPad beneath a false steering wheel. The iPad contained a camera that fed a live video feed to a voice actress hired to play the persona of AVA. The voice actress, Lauren, was trained in improvisational performance, and Lassor worked with her to develop a spontaneous and engaging personality.

The AVA brand persona guidelines Lassor prepared were extensive; they outlined the charactors backstory, childhood traumas, and motives. It contained a loose script and three ‘acts’ which helped the conversation flow in a way that lent itself to Lassor’s research.

Hello AVA,

Take me somewhere new!

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