Here, Together, Now

Serendipity is an app that provides users of autonomous cars with opportunities to connect with online friends in the real world. In doing so, it makes human interaction as effortless and convenient at digital interaction on social media. The mission of Serendipity is to ensure that AV technology is used to connect people with each other and with their surroundings.

Serendipity is a digital platform intended to help suburban commuters better connect, both with the world around them and with each other.
Graphic Design
Design Research
User Interface
User Research:
Serendipity was created through a rigorous process that included the creation of fictitious proto-personas. By considering the context of potential users, Lassor attempted to anticipate use cases that would be meaningful and engaging.
Serendipity Home helps suburban residents feel connected to mobility... even without a car in the garage.
The Serendipity platform can be accessed via an at-home device Lassor designed to help transition users out of car ownership.

In addition to the Serendipity app, Lassor designed an at home device to extend the service even further. Serendipity Home is intended to be mounted on a wall near the front door. It is used to hail shared networked vehicles in a future where suburban car ownership is optional.

The device has an embedded screen that passively suggests new destinations based on the user’s social needs. For example, if a user's friends congregate at a local diner, Serendipity might suggest the user join them, and arrange transportation with the push of a button.

Social exchanges were once part of the cadence of daily life. As households have atomized and communities have faded in rural and suburban regions, the creation of social ties has become more difficult. Serendipity uses autonomous vehicle technology to make it effortless to form these bonds once more.

We were always here. Serendipity brought us together.

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